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Cabinet Painting - St. Louis

Cabinet Painting is an affordable way to make a big impact in your kitchen.  Changing color will change the mood and refresh a tired space.

But how do you know when it's the right option for you?  Should you do it yourself or hire a painter?  Brush and roll or spray on the finish?  

On this page we'll highlight the main factor's that go into deciding to paint your cabinets.

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Is Cabinet Painting the Best Option?

The first question to consider, is cabinet painting really the best option for you?

Fresh Faced Cabinets does high quality spray finishes on your doors.  It's a more expensive process, so it may not be cost effective for all kitchens.  (For a more in depth discussion on which painter is best for you click here.)

In general, for the high quality spray finish that we provide, your cabinets should be in good shape and a style that you will love for years.  If your cabinets are older and in poor to fair condition, or they are a style you don't like, then you may want to look into our cabinet door replacement options.  

What Is The Best Paint For Cabinets?

(Hint:  It's not paint)

The coating used to finish your cabinets is very important for long term success and to  look and feel like factory cabinets.  In fact, the best coatings for cabinets are not paint;  they are pigmented polyurethanes.

The coatings we use are cabinet rated, water-based, two component polyurethanes of the highest quality.  Two component, or 2K, means a hardener is added into the poly prior to application providing a more durable surface, and giving a smoother look and feel to the final product.

These products are industrial rated, used by many cabinet manufactures for new cabinets and are best applied by the appropriate spray equipment.  It's best to see and feel samples of any cabinet finish prior to selecting a painting contractor.

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What's The Painting Process?

At Fresh Faced Cabinets we keep costs down by doing all the painting on-site at your home.  We work with you to find the best location (usually the garage) to spray the cabinet doors.  Using a hanging system we are able to build a plastic walled booth for spraying and drying the doors.

We'll discuss the best option with you on how to paint the cabinets in the kitchen.  We can tent and spray in the house, which adds to the cost, or we can brush and roll the face frames. 

See the Design Accents Section below on how we can use door panels to customize your cabinets and avoid spraying in your home.

Can I Add Design Accents When Painting My Cabinets?

Just because your painting and keeping the door style that you have doesn't mean you can't upgrade the look and design of your cabinets.

We regularly add faux door panels on the ends of cabinets and the back of islands.  This adds a custom kitchen look.  It also can mean the panels can be sprayed prior to install and avoid spraying in the house.  We can work with you to decide on the best option.

Other accents can be added, like crown molding and corbels.  Often times we can switch hinges to soft close, and/or install new drawer boxes with soft close glides.  A contrasting color on the island is another common design feature.

Cabinet Painting St Louis Island Wainscoting

Download Free Cabinet Refacing Guide.

Our Cabinet Refacing Guide is designed to help you decide on the best method for updating your existing cabinets:

  • Learn about available installation methods.
  • See different door styles and finishes and how they affect the price.
  • Compare between a basic cabinet update and a fully trimmed kitchen.
  • Get Pricing Examples on a 10'x10' kitchen layout.