About Us

In many ways this company started when we met over two decades ago working together at Home Depot.  What started as co-workers teaching painting techniques together led to a great marriage, three wonderful kids, and a whole lot of renovation and restoration projects along the way.

Out of financial necessity and creative desire we've always been drawn to homes, rooms, and furniture that needed a transformation on a budget.  We've been able to turn that desire into the perfect business for us, Fresh Faced Cabinets.

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple.  We want to help people enjoy being with family and friends in their kitchens.  We love taking what our client's already have and turning it into the kitchen they dreamed.  The best part is with cabinet refacing and painting we can do it in an affordable way that fits almost any budget.

Our Values

We value giving our clients an enjoyable remodeling experience by focusing on what's important to them:

  • High Quality at an Affordable Price
  • Creativity and Flexibility
  • Professional and Punctual
  • Clean Job Sites
  • Have Fun in the Process!



Our Story

We've had a passion for renovating since we bought our first fixer upper in the city over 20 years ago.  That first house led to a business in real estate and rehabbing homes prior to the "great" recession. The downturn in the economy forced us to channel our creative business elsewhere. Dave built custom wood furniture, and Stephanie painted and re-purposed furniture, as well as ran a successful Etsy shop.

All of those experiences gelled into Fresh Faced Cabinets where we have helped scores of families update their kitchens affordably without tearing everything out through our cabinet refacing and painting services.