Kitchen Cabinet Refacing and Door replacement

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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing St. Louis

Cabinet door replacement and refacing is one of the most affordable ways to change the style in your kitchen without tearing all the cabinets out.

Replacing doors also requires refacing the cabinets to match the new style and color.  There are several methods we use to update the cabinets, all having different requirements and costs.

On this page we'll highlight some of these methods and why you might chose one over another, including:

  • Painting or staining the face frames to match.
  • Applying matching veneer over the face frame.
  • Using decorative door panels to match.

Table of Contents

Shaker Door Styles

What Door Style Should I Choose?

Kitchen cabinet refacing starts with the replacement door design.  Your style, color and finish selection will dictate the best way to match your cabinets to the doors.  

Shaker Door styles are currently the most common, followed by simple traditional flat panel designs.  Raised panel doors are also popular.  We also have an economical line of modern vinyl wrapped and laminate doors that look very much like painted doors.

At Fresh Faced Cabinets all of our high quality doors are custom made in the U.S.  We can find a door and installation method that fits most budgets.

When Is Painting Face Frames Best?

Cabinet painting or staining is the most common and cost effective option we use.  It is only possible when you choose a painted door style or a darker stain color than the existing cabinets. 

Because we replace your cabinet doors with larger, full over-lay doors the face frames are hardly visible behind the doors, covering any minor variations in door and cabinet finishes.  Painting or staining the face frames avoids unnatural edges and seems created when using refacing veneer.  


When Is Refacing Veneer Best?

Cabinet refacing veneer is thin, adhesive backed wood or laminate sheets that are finished the same as your replacement doors.  If an exact match is desired or you have laminate cabinets that can't be painted, then veneer is the best or only option.

When applied correctly the veneer will last the lifetime of the cabinets.  It does add to the cost, and when using light painted colors the butt seams can be more pronounced.

We also have the option to use solid wood veneer to cover the face frames.  We adhere them with contact cement and well placed pin nails.  This option adds to the materials cost, and is best suited for stained finishes.

How Do Decorative End Panels Help My Design?

Whether we are cabinet painting or veneering you cabinet face frames, we almost always apply decorative door panels to the ends of your cabinets and around islands and peninsulas.

This serves two purposes:  One, it matches the largest exposed parts of the cabinets to the color and finish of the new replacement doors, and Second, it gives the kitchen a new and custom cabinet look.

In areas that it may not be possible to put a door panel, we will often put a matching flat panel.

Before and After Kitchen Update  Bland Oak to Dark Roast Richness-2

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Our Cabinet Refacing Guide is designed to help you decide on the best method for updating your existing cabinets:

Learn about available installation methods.
See different door styles and finishes and how they affect the price.
Compare between a basic cabinet update and a fully trimmed kitchen.
Get Pricing Examples on a 10'x10' kitchen layout.